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Anil Joshi

anil joshi

Anil is the person who believes that everyone in this world is destined to be successful, but people take too much effort to fail. He was born in the year 1953 (in which Tenzing & Hillary managed to climb Mount Everest). After finishing his graduation in commerce from Pune University, he came to Mumbai & worked for a textile mill for 11 years. In the mean while he got the test of trekking & Mountaineering in which ones skills & techniques of teammanship as well as leadership are tested at their utmost levels. He has trekked extensively in Sahyadris & Himalays participated in 22 Himalayn mountaineering expeditions & managed to scale peaks on 7 occasions.

He has travelled across the length & breadth of India on a bicycle such as Pune to Kargil, Mumbai to Kanyakumari etc His interest in astronomy has helped him to widen & broaden his views about the life. Realizing that his experience in the mountaineering , cycling & astronomy is useful in day to day life also, he left his job to pursue his passion for outdoors, started running adventure camps for the children, & eventually got himself into training for corporate people since 1995.

Professional and personal development: