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Own has partnered with corporates on a variety of Team Building Interventions at Top senior and Middle Level management teams.
Some interventions have been for a specific one-time team building or tem working objective
Senior level facilitators who have worked as Heads of HR function in premier organizations of India that are known for their management / leadership development and learning / training excellence.
Senior outdoor facilitators who have more than 15 – 20 years experience in conducting a variety of team building programs – from lawn-based and classroom type experimental activities to complete wilderness outbound programs in involving camping, trekking, Rappelling, rope-based activities, mountain and river based adventure experiences.
Programs for Top Management Teams to senior and middle level managers across some of the best companies in India involving India and expatriate leaders.
Team Building Program
Team Building Program
Why OnewithNature

At OWN we follow an OD approach to Team Building and Team work interventions.

Pre-program preparation:

We work closely with clients to arrive at a systematic assessment of "Current State" and an agenda for improvement and change. The methods we employee include

  • Diagnostic Surveys / Focus Groups
  • Where are we and where do we need to be?
  • What are the business and underlying human behaviour / team effectiveness issues to be addressed?
  • What are the blocks to team effectiveness that the team needs to work on?
During the Team Effectiveness journey:

We incorporate a number of diagnostic "Dip Sticks" psychometric Instruments like MBTI, FIRO-B, Hogan Assessments and a wide variety of Team functioning and Team Effectiveness Frameworks.

We follow a facilitative approach – striving to ensure that ownership for the issues and the need for change remains with participants and Teams themselves. We help them envision and chart the change and how they will successfully achieve the desired state.

Team Building and Team Work Themes:

We recognize that every team / Team Building situation is unique and different.

However, we notice that there have been certain recurrent themes that we have been asked to work with. Some of them are

  • The power of Teams
  • Synergized Team Achieves Results [STAR]
  • Realizing and Aspirations [ROA]
  • From Good to Great
  • Achieving Collaborative Excellence and Synergies [ACES]