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Leadership Program For Management Students

Leadership Programmes for Teaching Student.

Objectives: Personal development of students, bring in complementary factors to schooling, help students explore dynamics of working in teams, personal leadership, & exploring a world of processes and systems, help students relate to their environments (college, family, larger society)

* Issue that need to addressed are: Responsibility / Accountability / Systems that we are a part of /All round alertness /Interpersonal skills /Teams & leaders /Attributes of a leader /Styles of leadership /Motivation / Priorities in life / Ego.

Leadership Program

Leadership Program

Leadership Programmes for Teaching Faculty.

Objectives: Knowing one's own self better in terms of role expectations, understanding the aspect of 'teacher as a role model', examining the need for self-improvement, enhancing teaching competency through creativity & sensitivity training, sharing success stories and learning from each other, exploring 'teamwork' that is required at the workplace, examining one's alignment with organisational goals and aspirations.

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