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Shreesh Jamdar- Chief facilitator proprietor Sambhav

I have worked with a number of Outbound / Outdoor agencies, and will not hesitate to say that ONE WITH NATURE is by far the best agency I have ever worked with across the length and breadth of India.Ashok Kalamkar is a widely experienced outbound specialist. I have worked with him on numerous occasions. He has supported programs we have conducted at Board Level

Working with Ashok Kalamkar of ‘OnewithNature’ is an Experience! Going beyond the required, Ashok and his team always manage to give something extra, and that extra always has the ‘OnewithNature’ touch, be it in a stylized activity prop or an exciting variation to a route. Ashok’s leadership to his team is inspiring and we have seen him play the role a mentor to many. The ‘OnewithNature’ people are conscientious, creative, caring and safe. They so obviously enjoy ‘working’ that their attitude has an impact on any programme that they are involved in.

Shantanu Pandit - Director - EKO

Atul Dhavle - Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

I would like to thank each one of you for actively participating in our first ever "Power of Teams" Outbound Programme. We all came together in an endeavor to understand how teams work and how we can unleash the true potential of teams in our FTOs.

Onewithnature is our outbound partner supporting this intervention mostly at Lonavala. I must say that their team is extremely professional, passionate and committed. The instructions given by them are explicit and the activities which are planned are analysed and detailed with due diligence.

Simmer Narula - Regional Manager Learning and Development ( North )

Vodafone Essar Ltd.

Ajay Kumar (Lead consultant Par Excellence)

Thank you for conducting such a well-received workshop. I must commend your approach, desire to go out of the way and the highest level of professionalism. It has been indeed pleasure associating with you since so many years. All the best and look forward to our continued relationship.

I would like to keep my sincere appreciation for the detailing 'one with nature ' have done and the safety precautions you have taken in respect of the dr. Reddy's program to make it success.

R. B. Kamalakarrao Director (Divya Retreat Ltd. Hyderbad.)

Sanjay Bhanushali (INTL BIZ/PBP / Cipla Ltd. API Team )

“Once in a lifetime experience. How much we can learn by being close to nature. The bonds created within the team will be lifelong. What more can we ask from One With Nature and Sambhav?”
“It is exciting, jaw dropping experience. It lets one identify the potential within self and the team. It teaches both independence and interdependence. The learnings are self-internalised. None of this can be learnt in the classroom. And at the same time it is rejuvenating not taxing, it is healthy and not sedentary, it is in open and not claustrophobic. Sheer fun.”